About PlaybyPlay


PlaybyPlay offers the London theatre community an unmatched commitment to excellence and dedication of service.

No matter when, where, or why seats need to be filled, it is PlaybyPlay's sole mission to discreetly fill those seats with audience members whose presence enhance the experience for everyone attending the performance.

When producers and theatre managers desire to quietly fill unsold seats with quality audience members, PlaybyPlay is the first call they make.

Since 2006 productions have placed their trust in PlaybyPlay because:

  • Our participants only come to us by recommendation... we do NOT advertise our service to the public or attempt to compromise the general ticket purchasing marketplace
  • We require our participants to be discreet and never discuss how tickets are acquired
  • We do not issue "membership" cards or allow our participants to identify themselves in public as members of our team
  • Our participants faithfully attend a performance after making a committment to do so
  • We do not operate as a "social networking organization" or provide an online bulletin board or discussion area for our participants to critique shows
  • Our participants follow proper theatre etiquette, applaud appropriately and help publicise shows by spreading good word-of-mouth whenever possible
  • We understand that receiving a complimentary ticket is a privilege, not an entitlement

Individuals benefit by belonging to PlaybyPlay because:

  • The number of accounts we offer is strictly limited
  • Our account holders are among the first to see new shows and sample the work of new companies and venues
  • Participants have the opportunity to provide the theatre community with a valuable service

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