Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what shows are available?

Log on to the PlayByPlay website daily. Use your email address and confidential password to enter the site to view available shows and performances. Shows are updated daily and may be posted on the website at any time during the day.

How many seats may I reserve?

Account holders are offered from 2 to 4 seats to each show, depending on available inventory. There is a small Service Fee for each seat reserved, which currently ranges from £1.00-£3.00. Service Fees are clearly identified before a reservation is confirmed.

In all cases, the Registered Account Holder of PlayByPlay must be present with appropriate identification to collect reserved tickets at the box office or other designated location. No exceptions are made to this policy.

How do I collect my theatre tickets?

Ticket Collection Instructions vary with each show or theatre. Posted on each show web page are the specific Ticket Collection Instructions for review before reserving seats. It is imperative that attendees follow the Ticket Collection time and location instructions carefully. Theatres rely on PlaybyPlay participants to follow designated instructions so as not to interfere with the arrival and service of paying customers.

Why do shows offer complimentary tickets to PlayByPlay?

  • Producers occasionally have empty seats that they would like filled for a performance (previews, critics performance, opening night, seasonal variations, etc.). Why? A full house makes the theatrical experience more exciting for those who have purchased tickets, as well as the performers. If possible, producers would prefer to have appreciative theatregoers in those seats... and, that is where PlayByPlay enters the scene. We have an exclusive, quality participant roster composed of exactly what producers are seeking. Our responsibility at PlayByPlay is not to just "fill the seats," but also "dress the house" for theatres in exactly the way a producer desires.

  • Producers view PlayByPlay as a marketing tool. By making complimentary tickets available to a limited and exclusive group of individuals it allows a production to develop "word of mouth" without compromising the sale of a full price ticket.

  • From time to time, producers want to introduce theatregoers to their venue. Producers realise people who are familiar with a theatre and the work it produces are much more likely to purchase a ticket and attend another of its shows.

  • Producers may be seeking an audience of a certain demographic. PlayByPlay account holders have the option to complete a Member Profile identifying their particular interests. For instance, if a producer is seeking audience members who particularly like Dramas, we have the ability to communicate specifically with our participants who have indicated they want to receive notification about that type of performance.

  • NOTE: If you would like to be on our "Alert" email list for specific types of shows be sure to complete your Member Profile. You may update or edit your Member Profile at any time... just log into your account and click Member Profile at the top of the page. Remember, notification of a particular type of performance is sent to account holders only when a producer makes a special request. So, be sure to check the website daily to see ALL available offerings or you might miss opportunity.

What are Prepaid Services Fees?

For convenience, account holders have the option of Prepaying Service Fees for seat reservations (just as with an Oyster Card or National Lottery Account).

Tickets move quickly for popular performances. Maintaining a Prepaid Service Fee account balance enables PlaybyPlay account holders to reserve tickets without returning to the Credit Card Transaction page each time tickets are reserved.

Our website tracks each account's Prepaid Service Fee balance and deducts the appropriate fee each time a ticket is reserved. When account holders log into the Play by Play website their Service Fee balance appears at the top of the page in red. For security purposes Play by Play does not capture or store any credit card information.

Prepaid Service Fees are always immediately refundable upon request.


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